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Achieve balance through Ayurvedic treatment at our body cleansing spa

Hasta -Abhyanga 

arms & hands 

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Shirodhara Warm Oil

head & scalp

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Karan Purna


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Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment (Nasya)

Nose & sinus

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Ayurvedic Foot Services

foot & legs

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Reduce stress and get relief in this rejuvenating treatment for arms and hands. 

Achieve relaxation and inner peace with this meditative treatment.

Calm your nervous system and treat a number of different conditions.

Clear the sinuses, improve breathing and circulation for a purifying detox of the head and neck. 

Promote proper circulation and ease any issues persisting in your legs and feet with this revitalizing treatment.






Our goal is to help you achieve a state of balance and good health.

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