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Holistic Body Cleansing 

Our cleansing and detox services blend a variety of healing techniques from numerous cultures. Enjoy serene and calming spaces with the likes of Ayurvedic bodywork, Japanese acupuncture, Chinese reflexology, Nordic bathing and Asian tea ceremony. It’s time to bring you back to you. 

Far Infrared Therapy

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Ayurvedic Spa

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Ayurvedic Facial

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Ayurvedic Foot Soak

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Far Infrared can help with cleansing detoxification and weight loss while delivering a multitude of skincare benefits.

Take advantage of a number of services to get you on the right path to personal health and wellness.

Clear up your skincare issues in a different way by aligning your skincare treatment with your dosha.

Explore a number of different Ayurvedic foot soaks to achieve balance and wellness.

It’s not disease that creates imbalance: rather, disease is a system of imbalance.

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