Ayurvedic Cleanse

September 13, 2023

Strong Digestion = Strong Body

In Ayurvedic medicine, digestion is the key to maintaining health and longevity. It is recommended at every change of season to clear the channels of the body of toxins that have built up over the previous season.

An Ayurvedic cleanse focuses on resetting the digestive fire, allowing it to rest, recover, and strengthen through cleansing and detox. The detoxification supports the body’s natural mechanism to remove built up toxins from the body while giving it a “kick-start.” The idea is like cleaning out your pipes before they become clogged. Using food as medicine to help balance internal energy, a primary goal of the practice is to fuel the body with nourishing and healing foods it needs to maintain physical and emotional balance. The Ayurvedic Way Cleanse is a 14-day digestive cleanse designed to help repair damage to your digestive tract, clear toxins from the body, and reset your system.


Fall & Spring 14 Day Detox – Cleanse – Digestive Reset

We offer a 14 Day Detox twice a year. Usually in April and October, with the understanding that because we live on the Central Coast of Califorina weather may have a mind of it’s own and we must schedule accordingly. During this program we meet 3 times week virtually

  • *Week 1 Preparation – this is time to clear the fridge, cupboards and house as you commit to the process.
  • *Week 2 Diving Deeper – this is when you have choices. We have several kinds of cleanses that you may Dive into. We will assist you in finding a process that is perfect for your needs.
  • *Week 3 Rejuvenation – this week we’ll work on rebuilding your body and slowly transition back to real work foods.
  • During this program you will be nurtured and supported. We have a private Facebook page that you can communicate with us and your fellow cleansers. We will be posting videos from the kitchen, Yoga
  • 3 visits in person at the studio or virtually
  • 14 Days of support $397

The Inside Story: What’s wreaking havoc on our digestion?

What’s destroying the vital, good bacteria in all our bodies? What’s causing so much bloating, discomfort, and irregular bowel movements? Answer: Processed foods and unhealthy lifestyles!

Stress, poor diet, alcohol, prescriptions drugs, travel, and age are also contributing factors to our poor digestive health.

Bacteria: The Good, the Bad, and What to Do

Bad bacteria in our stomach can effect everything from our outward appearance to our immune system to our mood and behaviors. While many people wish digestive enzyme supplements could be the “magic pill” to address the bad bacteria in our guts, digestive enzymes are only a bandaid for the underlying symptoms. It’s critical to allow your stomach and digestive track to heal, versus just masking symptoms.

Strategies for restoring and maintaining good gut bacteria

  1. Start with warm water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Tongue scraping Immediately after warm water
  3. Drinking Lassi to replace probiotics
  4. Organic ginger tea
  5. Take a walk outside 15 min a day
  6. Meditate –alternating nostril breathing 10 min twice a day
  7. See an Ayurvedic doctor, or Ayurvedic Practitioner about pulse testing
  8. Eat your largest meal at lunch and do not over eat

Instead of relying on “bandaids,” consider these healthy habits

  1. Eat in Quiet
  2. Blessing or gratitude before eating
  3. Eat when Hungary
  4. Relaxing after eating
  5. Chew your food well
  6. Eat to the point of comfort
  7. Always sit down to eat
  8. Eat around the same time daily


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