Mother Baby the Ayurvedic Way

September 13, 2023

Bring your child into the world with intention and awareness. The practice of Ayurveda honors the three months preceding conception as a time to balance the constitutions of both partners. Babies are influenced by this state of balance. Ayurvedic creates support for the physical, mentally emotionally and spiritual bodies of the mother and her baby. Promoting the health of mother and baby durning pregnancy using Ayurveda healing concepts. 

Apana Vata 

Apana Vata must be kept in balance durning pregnancy its the downward moving flow of energy in the body and must not be to strong or to weak. Most ayurvedic recommendations will be to balance apana vata. An emotional disturbance that can be caused by excess vata is anxiety, foods, rest, and oil massage will be key in order to restore balance. The apana vata is key to maintaining the pregnancy as well as birthing the baby at the time of labor.

Health ConsiderationsA medical questionnaire will have to be filled out before all sessions. Please be sure to notify the if you suffer from any physical ailments, or if you are pregnant. No treatment can be offered to pregnant ladies within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy and they’re after only selective treatments after a consultation.


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